Half a Maester is the second quest in the Targaryen questline. All of these quests are given to you by Illyrio Mopantis and upon completing the final quest, House Targaryen will invade The Stormlands.

Quest GuideEdit

  • Go to 'The Ruined Baths' (across the river from Myr) and search the area.
  • You will be ambushed by a small amount of outlaws. Kill them all. (You will be alone, so some armor may be necessary.)
    • Note: There are two groups of bandits, one by the houses and another by the lake in the middle. You need to kill them both to complete the quest. You'll know you've succeeded when the "Quest Updated" chime plays.
  • You can talk Haldon in the bathhouse, but this step is not required to continue the quest.
  • Return to Illyrio Mopantis, in the castle at Pentos. You will recieve some gold and some exp.

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