• Quest not removed but Bronn changed location********

Step 1: Talk to Bronn in King's Landing, Inside castle, straight ahead. He will tell you to find Tyrion in the Tower of the hand

Step 2: Talk to Tyrion who is in the upstairs part of King's Landing's tavern. He gives you the mission to assassinate the traitor Ser Jeffory Darke at Brookwater Keep.

Step 3: Head to Brookwater Keep which is just west of Duskendale.

Step 4: As you walk up to Brookwater Keep the troops stationed there will attack you. You will have to beat 6 or 7 decently armored troops and a peasant or two by yourself.

Step 5: After assassinating Ser Jeffory Darke, talk to his uncle, Sir Rike Darke, in Brookwater Keep.

Step 6: Return to Tyrion and collect your reward.

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