Lorath is one of the Nine Free Cities. It is situated on a group of islands off the northern coast of Essos.

Geography Edit

Lorath is located on the western side of the largest of three islands surrounded by storm seas. It is located at the mouth of Lorath Bay of the Shivering Sea off the northern coast of the eastern continent. To the east is the Axe and the west Braavos. Morosh at the Sarne delta is a Lorathi colony.

History Edit

Lorath is the least mentioned of the nine Free Cities. Jorah Mormont believes the city to be insignificant economically and the city is never mentioned in relation to the numerous political and social conflicts of the other Free Cities.

People Edit

One of the Faceless Men, Jaqen H'ghar, is Lorathi, though this may not be his true identity. He dyes one half of his hair red and the other white.

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