Northern Spearman

Northern Spearmen Edit

Northern Spearmen are, like the Stormlamds Hammermen, melee Ifantry Units, that can`t be upgtraded to Cavalry.

Armor Edit

They wear open Sallet, leather boots and Chain Mail Hauberks.

Arms Edit

The Northern Spearmen are armed with light Spears, Kite Shields and Arming Swords, which they use when their Spear breaks.

Efficiency Edit

They are not as expensive as Cavalry Units, but they are quiet useful, if the Player has an Infantry Army. In Shield Wall Formation they can even stop Heavy Knights Charges (if they stand) and can deal with much bigger amounts of Archers and Infantry, even all mixed.

Disadvantages are for Example their lacking Efficiency during Sieges and their low Speed (like actually all Infantry Units). If the Player has no Cavalry left, they won`t be able to catch to many retreating enemies, and so the Player has to deal with so- called "Broken Men" After the Engagement, when his Forces may be already weakened (Problem can be solved be Cav reserve).

They are also not a bad Choice as Garrison.

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