Pentos is one of the Free Cities. It is a port located on the western coast of Essos.

City Edit

Pentos is a large port city, more populous than Astapor on Slaver's Bay, and may be one of the most populous of the Free Cities. It lies on the bay of Pentos off the narrow sea, with the Flatlands plains and Velvet Hills to the east. The city has many square brick towers, controlled by the spice traders. Most of the roofing is done in tiles. There is a large red temple in Pentos, along with the manse of Illyrio Mopatis and the 'Sunrise Gate' allows the traveler to exit the city to the east, in the direction of the Rhoyne.

Ruler Edit

Pentos is a city where wealth equals power, ruled over by a prince with a council of magisters. The prince has a mostly ceremonial function while the rich magisters rule. The prince is chosen from the forty families, and presides chiefly over balls and feasts.

People Edit

There are laws forbidding slavery in the city, in accordance with the terms imposed by Braavos one hundred years ago. This, however, does not prevent the wealthy magisters from keeping many bronze-collared "servants", who are slaves in all but name. Like the Braavosi, and Lysene, Pentoshi are great lovers of song, and generous with those who please them. Some of their men dye, oil, and fork their beards. Some of the more famous Pentoshi include:

  • Magister Illyrio Mopatis
  • Tattered Prince, a sellsword captain.

History Edit

Pentos was one of the Valyrian colonies in western Essos. When the Doom destroyed the empire four centuries ago, Pentos became an independent city state. Princess Rhaena Targaryen was born in Pentos. During the Dance of the Dragons it was decided by Prince Jace that his half-brothers Aegon and Viserys would be fostered with a prince of Pentos until his mother Rhaenys had secured the Iron Throne. The two young princes departed on the Pentoshi cog the Gay Abandon towards the end of 129 AC, however the Gay Abandon never made it to Pentos. When the Tattered Prince was 23 the magisters of Pentos chose him to be their new prince almost right after they have beheaded the previous one. Instead of accepting their offer he fled to the Disputed Lands, later forming the Second Sons. Thus far he has never returned to Pentos.

Recent Events Edit

A Game of Thrones

A Dothraki khalasar led by Khal Drogo arrived at the city, leading Magister Illyrio to double the city guard. Later Illyrio brokered a marriage between his guest, Princess Daenerys Targaryen, and Drogo. Daenerys was presented to Drogo at his nine-towered mansion in the city. Their wedding ceremony was held in a field outside the city. Drogo, his new bride, and his khalasar departed the city shortly after the ceremony heading for Vaes Dothrak.

A Clash of Kings

Strong Belwas and his squire met Daenerys in Qarth with the intent to give her a ride back to Pentos.

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