Seed of the Dragons is a very easy quest if you're good at combat and have decent gear. The Braavosi Great Sword is a great weapon to use on horseback as it's faster than a spear and is a two handed blade instead of a polearm.

Quest GuideEdit

  1. Speak to Bryen Farring in the castle of Dragonstone.
  2. Enter the castle again and speak with Ser Gilbert Farring.
  3. Leave Dragonstone and visit the Fishing Village just outside the town.
  4. Fight ~10 men in a foggy alleyway and kill Lacerys. Be warned, a couple of them have decent armor so bring a mace or piercing weapon.
  5. Travel back to Dragonstone and talk to Ser Gilbert Farring in the tavern to claim the Braavosi Long Sword.


Relationship with Stannis Baratheon +5

Braavosi Long Sword

500 Coins

500 Experience

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