Shadows in the Night is the first part of the Night's Watch questseries. This quest is not an easy one as you will have to defeat an army of wights during the quest. 

Quest guideEdit

  1. Travel to White Harbor, enter the tavern, and speak to Manfred.
  2. Re enter the tavern and speak to Septon Germund.
  3. Head to Hillhall and scout it out. Speak to the woman there. She will tell you to go to Barrowton and speak with Goodwife Myra.
  4. Travel to Barrowton and talk to Goodwife Myra in the tavern (in version 2.1 you need to go to Last Hearth) . Myra will tell you to speak with her daughter Jess (she's right behind the counter), who you make love with to get the information.
  5. Visit the Abandoned Holdfast, north of the Dreadfort and west of Last Hearth. Bring at least a hundred high tier men and be ready for a tough battle. Speak with the old man and tell him you're looking for wights. He will then tell you that the wights are his.
  6. Leave the abandoned holdfast. Immediatly after, you will be attacked by the old man and an army of wights. (If you are playing a version older than 1.3 then you can dodge, if not then fighting them is required.) Thanks to a anonymous wiki contributor : During the battle with the wights, you can just auto resolve the battle and your soldiers perform a lot better. (It's worth checking the loot, you may find some heavy fur armour which is surpisingly good)
  7. Once you have killed the wights, head back to White Harbor and talk to Gerold in the castle.
  8. Meet Septon Germund to finish the quest and gain your reward.


Pot of Wildfire

1500 Experience

Words of cautionEdit

Rejecting any of the quest givers dialog will in most cases leave the NPC inoperable and make the quest impossible to finish without the use of console commands.

The Wights encountered after leaving the holdfast are particularly quick, and if for what ever reason you happen to lose the wights, they may once again be found wandering the region.

The Wildfire acts like the grenades in Fire and Sword - once you use them once, you can't use them again, they're gone.