Stormlands Serjeant

 Stormlands Serjeant Edit

Stormlands Serjeants, like their predecessors (Elite Stormlands Men-at-Arms), are shield infantry, though they no longer carry Hammers. They can be upgraded into Mounted Stormlands Serjeants.

Armor Edit

They wear an Burgonet, Mail Gauntlets, Mail Boots and a Heraldic Heavy Plate Armor.

Head Armor: 30, Body Armor: 65, Leg Armor: 38

Arms Edit

They are armed with an Arming Sword (Swing: 29c, Thrust: 32p, Speed: 100, Reach: 94), as well as a Heraldic Ashwood Kite Shield (HP: 200, Resistance: 10, Size: 72x105, Speed: 90).

Note: They no longer carry hammers like the Men-at-Arms or Hammermen.

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