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The North is a faction north of Kings Landing. It is ruled by King Robb Stark. The North is the faction that rules the utmost north of the map.

Gameplay Edit

The North is quite isolated from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, with the only land route to it through marshland filled with Crannogmen. On the default map the North can be recognized by its white colour.

Its Capital is Winterfell.

Lords and LadiesEdit

The North is ruled by King Robb Stark .

It's vassals are Lord Jon Umber , Lord Rickard Karstark , Lord Roose Bolton , Lord Robin Flint , Lord Medger Cerwyn , Ser Wylis Manderly , Lord Galbart Glover , Lord Helman Tallhart , Lord Rodrik Ryswell , Vickian Flint , Robett Glover , Lord Donnel Lock , Jon Umber (Different from Lord Jon Umber ), Harrion Karstark , Ser Wendel Manderly , Lord Roger Ryswell , Ser Kyle Condon , and Leobald Tallhart , Lord Gregor Forrester , Lord Ludd Whitehill

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