Current as of v2.2.

Riverlands Levy
Riverlands Axeman
Veteran Riverlands Axeman Riverlands Longbowman
Riverlands Two-Hander Elite Riverlands Axeman Veteran Riverlands Longbowman
Riverlands Knight Veteran Riverlands Two-Hander Elite Riverlands Longbowman


The following is out of date as of 2.1:

Upgrade costs are as follows by Tier:

T1->T2: 7 Coins      T5->T6: 96 Coins

T2->T3: 24 Coins    T6->T7: 202 Coins

T3->T4: 45 Coins    T7->T8: 217 Coins

T4->T5: 72 Coins

The Troop Tree for The Riverlands is a bit odd when compared to most of the other mainland Westeros Factions (original Seven Kingdoms such as The North, The Westerlands etc) for a number of reasons. First, their infantry tree is rather severly limited by only going down five tiers. Second, the infantry tree switches from polearm units in tier 4 to sword and shield in tier 5. Third, their mounted units can only be promoted through what I call the archery tree rather than the infantry tree where is the more common path for the other factions. Forth, their archery units switch weapons from bows to crossbows between tiers 4 and 5 whereas most other factions' trees are consistent (The Reach uses only crossbows, The Westerlands uses only bows/longbows etc). Fifth, the Mounted Riverlands Archer seems a bit out of place seeing as they primarily favor bows with only a sword as secondary with no shields or spears for mounted combat. The sixth and final oddity is that the Riverlands Knight and Heavy Riverlands Knight (tiers 7 and 8) heavily favor maces which are blunt weapons and knock opponents unconscious rather than killing them outright--excellent for taking prisoners if you plan to ransom/sell/convert them. While Stormlands Mounted Serjeants and Knights also use maces, their heaviest cavalry also comes equipped with great lances, unlike Heavy Riverlands Knights.

3.0 Troop Tree

Riverlander Levy
Riverlander Man-At-Arms Riverlander Crossbowman
Verteran Riverlander Man-At-Arms
Elite Riverlander Man-At-Arms
Mounted Riverlander Serjeant Riverlander Household Guard
Riverlander Knight
Heavy Riverlander Knight

3.0+ Troop Statistics*Edit


Lvl Iron Flesh Power Strike Power Throw/Draw Ath. Riding**

Weapon Skills

Primary Weapon Shield
Riverlander Levy 9 0 0 2 1 0 40 Spear/Sword Yes
Riverlander Crossbow 12 1 0 4 6 0 70 Crossbow No
Riverlander Man at Arms 12 1 1 0 6 0 70 Mace Yes
Veteran Riverlander Man at Arms 15 2 1 0 7 0 100 Mace Yes
Elite Riverlander Man at Arms 18 3 1 0 8 0 120 Mace Yes
Riverlander Household Guard 20 4 1 0 9 0 190 Cleaver (2H) No
Mounted Riverlander Serjeant 25 10 2 0 2 5 160 Mace Yes
Riverlander Knight 26 10 2 0 2 6 190 Lance/Sword Yes
Heavy Riverlander Knight 27 10 2 0 2 7 210 Lance/Sword Yes
  • All Riverlander units have Strength of 20, Agility of 15, Charisma of 8, and Intelligence of 10, regardless of level
  • Any unit with a Riding skill of greater than 0 is mounted

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