List of Two-Handed Weapons Edit

Weapon Str Speed Reach Swing Thrust Weight Trait
Two Handed Mace 70 100 44b - Can crush through blocks/Bonus against shields

Name - Weight/Swing/Thrust/Speed Rating/Weapon Reach/Requirements/Extra:

Great Sword - 6.0/40c/43p/80/122/12 Strength/Cannot be used on horseback

Two-Handed Axe - 6.0/37c/N.a/75/109/12 Strength/Bonus against shields, Can't be used to block, Cannot be used on horseback

Shortened Military Scythe - 6.0/40c/N.a/75/112/12 Strength/Bonus against shields, Cannot be used on horseback

Braavosi Great Sword - 6.0/24c/44p/85/118/12 Strength/N.a

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