Veteran Sisterman Archer

 Veteran Sisterman Archer Edit

Veteran Sisterman Archer are the second ranged unit available for Sisterman armies. They are upgraded from Sisterman Archers, and may be upgraded into Elite Sisterman Archers.

Armor Edit

They wear a Mail Coif, Leather Gloves, Plated Leather Boots and a Chain Mail Haubrek.

Head Armor: 30, Body Armor: 45, Leg Armor: 31

Arms Edit

They are armed with a Short Bow (Dmg: 21p, Accuracy: 80, Speed: 95) with Arrows (Dmg: +2) and Long Knife (Swing: 15c, Thrust: 25p, Speed: 115, Reach: 65) with Heraldic Elmwood Round Shield (HP: 200, Resistance: 8, Size: 100, Speed: 90).